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Chiropractic Products

We have many high quality products available for sale in our office to help faciliate your health needs!

Products include items from these high quality companies:

  • Metagenics
  • Apex
  • BioFreese
  • Formula 303
  • Dr. Berg Nutritionals
  • Solutions 4 Shakes
  • Ortho Molecular Products
  • Vika’s Essentials Organic Skin Care
  • Tri-Core Pillows

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Let's Fight Hunger Together

For a fee of only $25 we will provide all new patients with:

Consultation with the Doctor

Orthopedic & Neurological Exam

Initial X-Rays (if necessary)

Report of Findings

This is over a $250 value!

We will donate your entire fee of $25 to the Waconia Food Shelf

Please mention this “Gift of Health” promotion when scheduling your appointment.

(Due to federal regulations; this offer does not apply to Medicare)


Edna H. – “I have noticed a great change in my back since my bad fall. I can now walk and stand for long periods of time without pain. Bending over is also easier. I know my treatments have helped a lot.”

Tom D. – “Dr. Soltis began adjusting me after a serious automobile accident that left me in chronic pain. In a short time I was moving more freely and the pain was being managed. With time and regular adjustments I have been virtually restored to good health. Thanks Dr. Soltis!”

Chistine. – “I have noticed many changes since I started getting chiropractic adjustments 2 years ago. I had suffered from mental illness for about 32 years. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Although my original purpose in getting adjustments was to treat the scoliosis in my back, I started feeling more relaxed and my mind began working much better and more in sync with my feelings. I haven’t felt so well since I became sick. When I last saw my psychiatrist, he said my illness was in remission. From my perspective, these chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Leah and Dr. Jeff have helped me way beyond what I could have imagined. Schizophrenia is a brain disease and the adjustments have helped my brain work better. I am very grateful to have found the answer to my prayers in chiropractic care.”

Fran V. – “Wow! For years my back has bothered me. Our family Doctor couldn’t fix it, physical therapy didn’t fix it, and pain pills couldn’t find the pain to relieve it. Six weeks at the Soltis Clinic and now I’m moving better than I have in years and no pain. Thank you!”

Danielle B. – ” I came to Soltis Family Chiropractic for severe neck pain. I now have no more neck, back or shoulder pain. I also have improved strength and posture due to therapy exercises and improved digestion tract. I feel 100% better and will continue chiropractic care for the rest of my life.”

Richard K. – “A number of years ago I herniated a disc in my lower back. I elected not to have surgery and over time it got better. But sometimes I would “move wrong” and aggravate it again, causing me to spend days in bed recovering. Two years ago, on the same day my back “went out” once again, I just happened to see an ad for Dr. Leah Soltis. I had never gone to a chiropractor but I thought it was worth a try. Although I was barely able to walk when I went in, I got significant relief even from the first adjustment and in a couple of weeks I was fully recovered. I continue to go back every couple of weeks or so for a “tune up” and this has kept me going and pain free now for 2 years.”

Barb K. – “Tremendous improvement. When I first came in I could hardly stand up due to the pain in my lower back. I found out from my examination that I had degenerative problems in my neck and other areas of my spine. Which now through therapy and exercise has improved and stopped degenerating. Back pain is gone other than if I sit for really long periods of time. Very happy with the experience.”

Vivian G. – “I’m amazed how these treatments have helped me! I’ve had back problems for many years and what a major change this is. I feel better and have more energy, I can take walks and feel great. I am very grateful that I tried chiropractic. I’m not taking any pain medications anymore. Thank you so much for helping me feel better.”

Kelly S. – “My asthma, general health and mood has greatly improved. With the help of chiropractic I have been able to avoid unnecessary medications including antibiotics and ibuprofen. With the input for my chiropractor, Dr. Soltis and my general practitioners support of chiropractic I feel I have a great health team on my side!

Clarke D. – “When I stared treatment I had been sleeping in a chair every night because of sever pain in my back. After 2 treatments I was back in my bed, shortly after that I was out of pain.”

Nancy G. – “I have been seeing Dr. Soltis for numbness and pain in my right arm and hand. Her treatments have given me much relief and I would highly recommend seeing her for all chiropractic needs. She is an excellent doctor. She really cares about her patients and their health concerns.”

Mary C. – “I have noticed a big change since I started treatments. I can turn my head without difficulty. I do not have the stiffness in my neck. My hip and leg feel so much better and I can walk a lot better. I feel a lot different throughout my body.”

Joani W. – “I came to Soltis Family Chiropractic to take advantage of Dr. Soltis’s generous consultation offer after reading an article she had written for the Waconia Business. So, I did not come in as a result of pain or injury, as most people who seek chiropractic care do; I just felt a sense of trust and curiosity and wanted to take advantage of a great offer. The consultation, imaging, and x-rays actually alerted me to problems that were quietly developing and would cause serious health problems if left untreated. After one month of treatment, my re-exam showed tremendous, measurable improvement and the flexibility I developed in my spine and particularly my neck and shoulders made me realize that although I hadn’t been in pain YET, I had definitely been stiff and restricted. During my initial exam with Dr. Soltis, She had asked me to look over each shoulder and at the time I thought I was looking over each shoulder. But, actually, I was just kind of turning my head to the left and right because NOW I can really “look over my shoulder”!”

Jodi H. – ” Daily headaches and neck pain brought me into Soltis Chiropractic. My young daughter was also having reoccurring ear infections. My headaches, neck pain, and back pain have drastically improved. My children ages (1, 3 and 7) have been able to avoid antibiotics for the most part due to regular chiropractic adjustments. My 7 year old daughter was cured of her migranes without having to take any medications. Dr. Jeff and Dr. Leah have made such a large difference in our lives in helping stay healthy and happy.”

Rita S.- ” I started coming to Soltis Family Chiropractic because i was very dizzy and i had a sore back. Since beginning treatment and sticking to my monthly maintenance plan my back soreness has improved so much and I am not dizzy anymore. Thank you Dr. Jeff.”

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